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Highly necessary to avoid these mistakes while buying your first home

By Timothy Evans

Buying the first home is one of the biggest dreams come true. Buying home is a tough task in itself as in both the cases when we have abundant of choice and when we haven’t. So mistakes in such cases are quite normal when you are buying the home for the first time. Here in this blog post, we are explaining the mistakes which one should not make while buying the home and providing the solutions too

1. Buying home emotionally – Home buying brings a kind of excitement in us which leads to having home buying emotionally. Ideally while buying a home one should buy home rationally rather than emotionally. It’s imperative to understand that buying your first home is not the end it is the beginning. It is your first step in the real estate property world. You should buy a property which gets the capital gains.

Buy a property which gives you good returns on investment in the future. A home with a great location is a good option for first home buyers. The value of those properties raises by the time. Sometimes buyers overpay in order to buy the property which is not right. It’s good to hire a home valuer who evaluates the actual market value of the property thus it prevents the buyer from overpaying.

2. Disregarding the other costs – Being a first home buyer most people aren’t aware of the other costs associated with the home buying process apart from purchasing cost. The stamp duty cost, property insurance, property tax, and other legal costs which includes transferring of the ownership and all. The cost of moving goods to a new home and other. Likewise, there are so many costs an owner has to pay while and after buying the home.
Most of the people haven’t included these cost in their budget which leads to breaking their banks. Better to understand and calculate every expenditure and make your budget so you can manage your finance well.

3. Failing to plan the financials rightly – There is a difference in between the two – what you have expected to get as a loan amount from bank and what the bank is really ready to give you. This difference can fail your financial planning to a large extent. So better to plan your finance on the real grounds. The pre-approved loan amount can help you to plan and manage your funds appropriately.

4. No hiring the professionals – This is the biggest mistake that most of the first home buyers do. Not hiring the home valuer, real estate agent and considering paying their fees is an expenditure. Brisbane Property Valuers helps you to know the actual market value of the property they are the property market experts knows all ins and outs of the real estate property world. So better to hire the home valuer. It is an investment in order to make the right property buying decision which is very crucial for you.

These are the mistakes which one should not make while buying the first home. You can contact us for the best home valuation services our expert home valuers feel happy to assist you.