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Advice by property valuer Brisbane to new home buyers

By Timothy Evans

Buying a property or a dream home gives you immense pleasure, satisfaction and enjoy. It’s like your dream come true. Property valuers say – “Some people invest money their years of earned money into real estate, while others take loan from bank and buy the property”.

Usually builder gives a paper with the plot design which holds property details which includes maintenance cost, parking, tax, pool fees, cost of registration, club house fee etc. Several time builder try to bluff you, regarding the cost incurred. That’s the reason to stay alert is important.

Property valuer says – “Sometimes small mistake makes big losses.” Several times the homeowner or buyers have to bear the cost of losses in future.

So if you are planning to buy a new home then property valuations Brisbane gives some advice to the new home buyers. We have listed down some main points –

  1. Make a Title Verification – Property valuers Brisbane suggest to hire an advocate who will do the title verification. Via title verification you will get to know about the investor, also about the builder who is selling the property holds the rights or not. Through the title verification you will get to know about the property is in dispute or not. Thus property valuer suggest one must have title verification before buying the home or property.
  2. Take the information in writing – In this highly professional world, where everyone thinks about their profit you must not believe on verbal communication. There is not authenticity to it. Take every commitment in writing by the builder or seller. When they are going to give you possesion, what’s the carpet area of property, all the rules and regulations you need to follow in future must be written on paper. Written communication serves as authentic way of communication.
  3. Never make decision based on builder floor – Real estate builders build some dummy floors through which they try to influence you. Never make your home buying decision based on builder floor or dummy flats. You must inspect the ready to move homes or under construction property, check the quality of material used in construction.In reality, the builder homes or dummy homes have big differences which mislead the new home buyers and thus they end up in sorrow.
  4. Never make decision in hurry – Always remember home buying is a big process. Never rush in hurry. Just because you liked a property doesn’t means you should buy it. Look for some more options available in the market and then make a comparison. You can take advice from expert property valuers regarding it. You should not buy it immediately. Take some time ask you friends, family members they might give you some valuable suggestion regarding it.Also you should investigate the property area well. It should matches with your culture and lifestyle. You can take advice from property valuer too.
  5. Be prepared – Before going out for the seeing the properties get the details of builder and the property completely. You can get all the details online. Be prepared before going out for the looking property.

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