Current Fair Market Value

Whenever there is a need to buy and sell property, a property valuation report from a certified practising property valuer can be invaluable to the process. It can be used from both sides of the transaction; for the seller, who will look to ensure they garner the best result possible from the sale and not under-sell, and for the purchaser, who can use the report for due diligence to ensure they do not overcapitalise on the purchase.

Brisbane Property Valuers has been providing certified property valuation Brisbane reports to advise of the Current Fair Market Value for many years. Situated in the heart of the CBD, we service all areas of the Brisbane metro area and have immense experience in handling various types of current fair market property valuations.

All of our property valuers Brisbane are API accredited meaning you can be assured of the integrity and accuracy of their work. They all also have minimum 10 years’ property valuation experience.

Current Fair Market Value property valuation reports can be used in a multitude of situations such as:

  • Separation/De Facto settlement
  • Mortgage security
  • Internal Accounting
  • Pre-sale or Pre-purchase
  • Valuation of superannuation funds
  • Stamp duty or transfer
  • Taxation
  • Estate and probate matters
  • Plus many more

Our team of highly trained representatives would be only too happy to discuss your property valuation Brisbane report requirements and determine the best course of action for you. Call us today on (07) 3077 9695 or fill out an online enquiry form for an Instant Quote, and we will be with you promptly.