Compensation Valuations

The need for compensation valuers may not be understood by ordinary citizens. However, before we go further into the subject we would like to mention a few words about us. We are a reputed and highly respected valuation company in Brisbane and have been doing a successful business in this field for the past many years.

Our success has been built around some strong fundamentals and the fact that we handle almost any valuation related requirements. Compensation valuation is something that is applicable when your property or land is taken over by the government and local authorities for some infrastructure and development projects.

In such situations, there is a requirement from the government authorities to value the property that is being taken over. Based on this valuation compensation is paid to the individuals or entities whose property has been taken over. Hence, we have an important role to play because:

  • The amount of compensation would totally depend on the valuation reports provided by us.
  • Since we are a government registered valuation authority, our valuation reports are taken to be final.
  • This puts additional responsibility on us and therefore we exercise extreme caution and care in such compensation valuation. We are fully aware that the margin for errors is almost nil and our valuation figures have to be accurate to the last decimal.
  • We have a fully dedicated team to take care of these compensation valuations who are always in close touch with the government authorities.
  • The rules governing compensation norms are subject to change once in a while and we take efforts to be totally updated regarding the latest such rules.
  • Our knowledge of compensation legislation is complete and this helps to give valuation reports that are fully accurate.

Hence, for all such compensation valuation reports hundreds of customers in Brisbane continue to repose their faith on us.

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