Unit Entitlements

Brisbane Property valuers specializes in unit entitlement valuations. Our valuers are all qualified with the API and have over 130 years of experience combined.

Unit entitlement valuations are completed for strata developments. This will ensure each owner will have the correct share in the common property, be charged for the correct amount for levies, repair and maintenance on the common property ect.

A common reason an owner of a strata development may want a unit entitlement valuation is when the strata levies go up and they disagree. This valuation accurate valuation will provide piece of mind and assurance.

Included in Unit Entitlement Valuations:

• Description of the property
• Zoning
• Site Dimensions
• Location
• Council zoning
• Building Improvements
• Town Planning
• Land Details
• Risk Analysis
• Market Commentary

Our property valuers put 100% in when completing unit entitlement valuations for strata developments!

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