Unit Entitlement

Do you require a Unit Entitlement completed for a duplex, townhouse or multi-storey development? We can assist.

We provide a number of clients, ranging from private clients to large scale property developers, with Unit Entitlement property valuation services. We have recently been seeing instances where older developments have had their Unit Entitlements incorrectly calculated, resulting in an unfair allocation of expenses. This error causes long term issues with Body Corporates and the owners, which can affect the property values. Our property valuers Brisbane are experts when setting the Unit Entitlements for a property development, eliminating any future issues.

Whether you require the Unit Entitlements of a new development calculated or the re-allocation of an existing (old) development, our property valuers based in Brisbane are here to assist. You can rest assured in the fact we only employ experienced property valuers, with a minimum of 10 years qualified experience, that are not over worked, which results in a better experience for our clients and a quality, well researched and accurate property valuation reports.

To speak with an expert property valuer that specialises in completing Unit Entitlement property valuation reports, please feel free to call (07) 3077 9695 or complete an online enquiry form.