Unit Entitlement

We are a very well known and highly respected valuer operating out of Brisbane. Having been in this business for a considerable period of time, we are in a position offer a host of valuation related services and consultancies.

Providing unit entitlements for both individuals and corporate entities is a very specialized task. Not many people would be able to handle it and we are proud to have been associated in this task for the past so many years.

  • We help in customers getting unit entitlements whether it is in the built form or better known as Strata.
  • We also are very capable for giving unit entitlements to those customers who have only land in their possession. This is often referred to as the Survey Strata Plan
  • We take a lot of care to ensure that our customers get the right unit entitlement based on the location of the property, size and other considerations.
  • We have a team of experienced professionals to handle this job. We use the most advanced and government accepted techniques for measuring the exact unit entitlements, ruling out any chance of mistake or wrong representation.
  • Since we are a registered valuer with the government authorities our unit entitlement certificates have a lot of importance with the authorities who actually sign out on the unit entitlement certificates.
  • We also help in giving the right unit entitlements to our customers which is very essential for calculating the amount of levies that needs to be paid to the government authorities.
  • Most of the experienced surveyors in Brisbane and surrounding areas approach us for any unit entitlement valuation requirements.

In fine, there is no doubt that apart from unit entitlements, for other valuation related requirements too, it would be very useful if you took time off and placed a call to our representatives.

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