Taxation House Valuation

There are hardly any big companies in Brisbane who understand the entire gamut of taxation valuations better than us. This is because of our rich experience in this field and other areas related to valuations. We are a big name in valuations in Brisbane and over the past many years we have had the privilege of serving hundred of customers for various valuation related requirements.

Taxation valuations especially when it pertains to companies, big or small, could be a cause of conflicts with the Tax Office. The interpretation of the taxation valuation could be different by different tax officials and hence there is a need to be very correct and perfect as far as this particular valuation is concerned.

Since this is a highly complex and difficult valuation, customers and their accountants always find it prudent to give the job to us because of various reasons such as:

  • Our experience in this field. Having been a renowned valuer for the past many years, we have the wherewithal and expertise to handle even the most complex taxation valuations.
  • Whenever there is differing perceptions about the tax amount because of valuations, taking an independent opinion could minimize the tax risk and that where we fit the bill perfectly.
  • Further the Australian Tax Office or ATO as it is more popularly known has well established norms for such tax valuations. If the valuations are done by experienced and registered and independent valuers then such valuations are classified as low risk. Otherwise the tax authorities will have no hesitation in marking them as high risk which could pose a number of problems.
  • Further the ATO has strictly laid down conditions that such independent valuations should be done only by experienced valuers who should act independently.

We follow both the above norms diligently and since we are government approved valuers, it makes sense to use our services for such tax valuation purposes.

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