Deceased Estate/Probate Estates

Before we talk more about the importance of valuation certificates and reports for deceased estate probates, we would like start with a short introduction of ourselves. We are a leading valuation company in Brisbane. We have a successful and growing valuation business that has been painstakingly built over the past many years on some sound basics and fundamentals.

We offer solution to almost any valuation related requirement and hence we are referred to as a one-stop solution shop. Now coming to valuation of deceased estate probates, the level of knowledge and information amongst customers is not very high. Many of them question the need for such valuation reportsin the first place.

We have little doubt that unless you have the right valuation report for such deceased properties, selling it off and doing something profitable with it would be impossible. Even when it comes to division of such properties between the relatives and legal heirs, the availability of such reports is of paramount importance.

We offer our services and help the administrators and other to have the most accurate deceased estate valuation reports because:

  • We understand that the chances of disputes between various stakeholders are quite high and in most of the cases the dispute centers on the valuation report.
  • As far as the executors and administrators are concerned, these valuation reports and certificates are very important for calculating the taxes and other levies payable to the government revenue department on a regular basis.
  • When it comes to identifying the correct fair market value for such deceased properties, these valuation reports come in very handy.
  • These reports also are very useful for pre-sale purposes should there be a need to dispose the properties.

Therefore our role in giving the right valuation reports for deceased estate probates is of big importance and we have been doing it successfully for the past many years.

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