Internal Accounting

All property valuations need to be addressed for a particular purpose for them to be valid. We usually address a property valuation in Brisbane for internal accounting purposes when our clients are unsure as to their specific purpose or when they want a general property valuation for their own needs.

We have many clients order an Internal Accounting property valuation when they are not satisfied with a bank property valuation. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. Often banks outsource this work to property valuation firms that employ inexperienced or over worked property valuers. We often see these firms under or over value property, generally resulting in issues for their clients. These types of property valuers are known as “Churn and burn” or “tick and flick” property valuers – the fees paid by the bank are so low the property valuers do not waste their valuable time providing a well researched property valuation, resulting in the property valuer usually airing on the side of caution and undervaluing a property.

You can rest assured in the fact we only employ experienced property valuers, with a minimum of 10 years qualified experience, that are not over worked, which results in a better experience for our clients and a quality, well researched and accurate property valuation.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly property valuers Brisbane to discuss your property valuation needs by calling the office on (07) 3077 9695 or completing the contact form.