Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Valuation

A pre-purchase or pre-sale property valuation in Brisbane is considered one of the most important property valuations a potential buyer or seller can order. It is also one of the most underrated. A lot of buyers and sellers do not know they exist and rely on their own negotiation skills, which includes advice from real estate agents, when determining the current fair market value of the property they are looking to buy or sell. This is fraught with danger, which includes a huge amount of conflict of interest on the side of the buyer/seller and real estate agent. Unfortunately, neither party has your best interest in mind. However, we as independent property valuers in Brisbane do not act with any conflict of interest (ie. we have no interest in whether the property is valued high or low – it is what it is based on sale evidence) and we are qualified to provide the property valuation advice (ie. we are university degree qualified, complete a two year traineeship governed by the Australian Property Institute and finally we sit a Professional Interview which is a gruelling 1 to 2 hours in front of a panel of expert property valuers).

For the sake of a small fee, the potential benefit when ordering a pre-sale or pre-purchase property valuation is huge. We once had a buyer call the office, requesting a quote to value a property he was looking to buy, we provided him with that quote, which wasn’t more than a few hundred dollars and he baulked claiming that he was better off paying an extra $20,000 than getting a certified property valuation – everyone in the office discussed this potential client during Friday work drinks, not understanding his reasoning, and agreed it was the first and hopefully the last time we hear a purchaser (or seller for that matter) discuss buying a property in such a flippant way.

Should you wish to engage a local property valuer in Brisbane that has a minimum of 10 years qualified experience, please feel free to call the office on (07) 3077 9695 or send us an email and one of our friendly staff will be in touch to discuss your needs.