If you try and come out with a list of the most reputed and most respected valuers in the city of Brisbane, chances are that our name would be high on the list. We are based at Brisbane and have been successful in serving hundreds of customers as far as their valuations requirements are concerned.

We are an organization that is founded and run on some very clear objectives and mission statements. We believe in total transparency and honest in our dealings and there are some morals and ethics which we are never ready to compromise. We never believe in taking short cuts though this could delay matters a bit.

Taking the matter forward, we are considered as one of the best companies when it comes to fulfilling our CSR obligations. We spend lot of money, time and effort in giving back something to society from which we have taken so much.

We have a wonderful team of dedicated employees who find pleasure taking part in the various CSR initiatives started by us. A few of them worth mentioning are as follows:

  • We are present in many voluntary and charitable works not only locally, but also nationally and internationally.
  • Many of the successful CSR activities are manned and run totally by our employees and we just chip in with financial support, which is just one part of the entire project.
  • We are actively involved with the Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia and the MS Society of Australia.
  • We have our employee volunteers committing themselves quite aggressively in these voluntary activities.
  • In fine, we would like to reemphasize our total commitment for CSR activities and apart from the financial aspect of it, we also have our mind and emotions totally involved in it. As we grow in size and stature, so will our commitment towards society become even more strong and robust.