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Brisbane Property Valuers is one of the most reputable property valuation firms in the city of Brisbane. Based in the CBD, we have long been top of our game at servicing hundreds of clients with all their property valuation Brisbane needs.

We are an organisation that has founded itself on very clear objectives. We believe in total transparency and honesty as well as never compromising on standards and quality of service. This attitude is all-encompassing, meaning we put everything into both our business, customer service, as well as our Corporate Social Responsibility obligations and initiatives, to give back to the society in which we operate and engage with daily.

We have a wonderful team of dedicated employees and property valuers Brisbane who take great pride in taking part in our various CSR initiatives. Some of the reason these initiatives are enjoyed by our staff include:

  • We involve ourselves in many charity activities on local, national, and international levels
  • Many of our initiatives are manned and run by our employees as passion projects of theirs
  • We are actively involved in the Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia and the MS Society of Australia

Brisbane Property Valuers is wholly committed to remaining active in the CSR sphere and we take great pride in being able to give back to our community. As we grow in size, so too will our contribution to our CSR initiatives.