Rental Determination/Rental Reviews

Taking a property on rent either for office or domestic purposes could be quite challenging. For offices and commercial establishments you could have dedicated people to take care of the job. However when it comes to rental accommodation for domestic purposes you will have to depend on third party arrangements.

We are a big name in the field of valuations and have been around in the city of Brisbane for the past many years. Apart from regular valuations for transfer of ownership of properties and other related matters, we are also considered to be the pioneers as far as rental determination and rental reviews are concerned.

Whenever there is a request from our clients for such rental reviews and rental determinations we follow a step by step approach as follows:

  • First and foremost we take up the request and hand it over to our special cell that has been set up for this purpose.
  • These special groups of professionals get into the act and visit the site where the client is proposing to take up the property on lease or on rent.
  • We evaluate the entire area in terms of fair rent after going through a lot of parameters.
  • The parameters that we take into account include the location, the size of the property, the facilities and amenities available.
  • We also consider the rent that is being charged for other properties in the vicinity
  • We also take into account the benchmark rent rates that may have been sent by the local authorities.
  • We come out with a fine balance mostly taking into account the market dynamics for arriving at the accurate rental determination rates and rental review rate.

Hence, given our experience and professional style of functioning, it would be the right thing for our customer so contact us in case of any such requirements.

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