Strata Building Replacement Cost

The various rules and regulations stipulated under the Strata Titles Act have a lot of significance particular when it comes to filing insurance claims for such strata buildings. It is important to submit strata replacement costs on a periodical basis. When it is all about making such estimates, there is little doubt that we have a big role to play.

Apart from being a top notch company in Brisbane for all matters related to valuations, we have created a separate niche in the field of estimating residential building replacement cost and also making cost estimates for commercial building replacements.

For commercial establishments, we cover almost anything under the sun including offices, commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, storage depots, etc. We are also experts in providing cost estimates for single buildings, and also Strata Developments.

All strata development structures should have these cost estimates done every three years as per the prevalent rules. Hence, we take the onus on us to inform customers about the date on which these cost estimates should be submitted to the relevant authorities.

  • Educating the customers regarding such regular cost estimation is beneficial to them. It avoids under insuring a strata building.
  • We also offer convenient annual valuation options for our customers for such strata building replacement cost estimates.
  • Our fees are very reasonable considering the time and effort that we need to put in for such cost estimates.
  • We are a government registered valuer and therefore customers can rest assured that our estimates will never get overturned or overruled by the respective governments.
  • Our main objective is to ensure that our customers have adequate insurance coverage for replacement should the need arise.

We have facilities to handle such valuation and cost estimation across the entire length and breadth of Brisbane and other surrounding areas.

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