Building Insurance Assessments

Our company is held in high regard when it comes to Building Insurance and Strata Replacement Cost Assessment services.

Our team of valuers can assist with all manner of properties, no matter how large or small. We represent many Property Managers and Strata/Body Corporate entities that use our property valuation services on an annual basis to provide a replacement cost assessment of their developments. Usually property developments with more than 2 units are required by their insurer to have their properties valued on an annual or three yearly basis for building insurance purposes.

Body Corporates need to be aware of under and over insurance which can be costly if left unchecked. Hence the requirement to have your property valued for building insurance purposes on a regular basis.

The building insurance property valuations are prepared on a reinstatement condition of “new for old” and is confined to the building, building services and site works only, and includes:

  • Demolition and removal of debris
  • Documentation and construction time
  • Building foundations and in-ground services
  • Construction
  • Increased costs of labour and materials
  • Professional fees associated with the redesign and supervision of the demolition and construction works.

Please be in touch should require an accurate building insurance property valuation by calling (07) 3077 9695 or completing the online enquiry form.