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How to save bucks while flipping the house

Moolah. A driving force behind our hard work. But do you know? Earning money is not only important, saving money is as equal to earning it. You choose the fix and flip strategy to make more money. For this, being an investor – you try to quickly flip the property and then sell it out. You set your deadline and try hard to get your renovation work gets completed on time. But this fast process may sometimes end with the improper renovation which eventually creates a problem in finding the potential buyers. As your renovated work is not up to the mark. Thus here we are revealing some other tips and tricks to save your money on house flipping. Even you can take advice from Brisbane property valuation to save few bucks while flipping the house.

1. Stay ahead of time – Once you get the property for flipping, buy it immediately and call your contractor and home inspector for the next step. Inspector will look the property corner and places which demands renovation and contractor will plan out the renovation task – how much time will be needed to renovate this property? expenses? And thus you can chalk out the renovations to execute it well.

How this will help – Planning is the essential essence of any task. Once you know the renovation time and budget then you are free. You only have to check the things are in the right order or not. You have to alert the contractor about the time. Continuous follow-up will help you to achieve your set timeline and always remember while flipping – “time is money”.

2. Buy material by your own – It is advisable to buy the flipping material from the local shop rather than buying it from the branded shop. Also if your contractor brings the goods for you then from now onwards should go to the market to buy a good renovation material at less price. If you have various flipping properties then try to bring the material in bulk.

How this will help – Buying products from any local shop helps you to get the material at a cheaper price. Second, when contractors buy then they include the labour and delivery charges if you choose to buy the material on your own then you can save these extra expenses. Buying material yourself cost you less.

3. Negotiate well – Before hiring the contractor and inspector you can ask them about their fees and negotiate to save few bucks. To shop the material you can search many shops available in the traditional market and online market both. Compare the rates and then ask for the offers they have to grant you.

How this will help – This process will help you to get the material at reasonable prices. Negotiation is a must. But never compromise on the quality of the material. Also, while flipping a home choose average quality material neither too good nor too high.

Also for more tips, you can contact Brisbane property valuations to get the information. We have a team of experts.

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Creative ideas for making your real estate investment easier and profitable

Real estate investment brings lots of hope for investors with the aim to earn money. But do you really think – Real estate investment traditional ways can help you in earning lots of money? No, the biggest reason behind not following the traditional methods is it takes too much time and possesses long-term plans and policies. To get the instant profit and to generate quick revenues. One has to imply the creative ways of real estate investment.

Well, you must be wondering if you are naive to the real estate property investment. You can hire a residential property valuer to guide you while making the investment decisions. Here we are revealing the creative tips for real estate investors for making more money in the business of property investment with fewer efforts.

House flipping – The smartest way to make an investment in the real estate industry is via house fixing and flipping. First, you have to buy an investment property of lower market value and then repair it, improve it and then sell it to the home buyer who is searching for a sweet home. You can sell the house to the buyer at more price than what you have actually paid. Making amendments increases the value of the house to a large extent. You can even hire a residential property value to guide you which improvements give high returns on investment.

Live and keep it on rent too – This is also an impressive way to earn money. While living in the property you can put the extra rooms and space on rent. This helps you to earn money. If you have purchased a property for yourself then pay your home loan instalments by putting the extra floor, rooms, space whatever you have, you can keep it on rent. This helps you to earn good rental amount and which helps you to pay off your monthly home loan instalments.
Also, if you are earning more rental income then home loan instalment then you can save that extra money and later you can use for home maintenance. Thus by the end of some years, you will have your own home without paying much from the pocket. As you were utilising the rental amount in paying the home loan.

Provides a replacement for tourist – Giving a chance to tourist, and visitors to live in your town like a local home is another creative way of property investment. Yes. Like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Homestay, Vacasa, Aura rentals services you can put your property on rent for short term. It’s putting your property on rent for visitors and tourist. Thus you can earn good amount of money from your extra space that you have. Even you can buy an apartment or you can convert your home’s extra space into the profitable business area. All you have to list your space or property for rent on these sites Airbnb, TripAdvisor or any on which you rely and start earning money while living at home.

To get more creative ideas, contact our property valuers Brisbane. They are expert, certified and qualified. Feel free to contact us for best residential property valuation services.

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Decor your home office to increase your productivity

Work from home is becoming more than a trend. More and more people love to work from home as daily commuting destroys their time and decreases their productivity. In order to work from home, you need a home office from where you can get a feel like an office. So to increase your productivity you should keep your home office appealing and updated thus you never feel work from home a boring task.

Even to know the home value you can take help from the home valuer. They can even guide you on how to increase the home value.

Here in this post, we are sharing some tips to remodel your home office to increase your productivity and work efficiency.

Know the color theory – As you are going to spend most of your time in your home office make sure to add those colours which you like. You can also go through the colour theory as shades of blues helps you to stay focused and peaceful at the workspace. Choose the colour which increases your efficiency, energy level up and stress level down.

Let the sunlight come inside – Make sure to have big windows in your home office which let the natural light come inside the room thus you can work more effectively. Natural light brings a positive impact on the overall mind body and soul. So try to keep your curtain aside and windows open to let the natural air and light come inside your work area.

Choose a comfortable chair and desk – When it comes to choosing your table and chair then go in which you are comfortable at. Even standing desks are also a great option available in the market you can adjust it with buttons to make it a normal desk thus you can have the freedom to work as you want.

Add shelves or drawers – To keep your files, paperwork, documents, stationeries, gadgets you should add shelves to keep your office stuff in an organised manner. You can place a table with drawers or glass shelves on the walls to place the office things.

Decorate your place – You can put beautiful paintings on the wall to make it aesthetically appealing. Art influences our lives in a deep manner. Even you can put inspiring quotes on the wall to make the wall beautiful and you inspired.

Place the home plants – You can put the home plants in your home office which could increase the aesthetical appeal of the place and also purifies the air which gives you health benefits. Well, keeping plants inside the home has lot many benefits. Ask the gardener and put some plants inside your home office.

Implement these tips to make your home office more creative, more beautiful, more appealing and more productive place where you can work more effectively and efficiently. Well, for best home valuation services you can contact us we have a team of expert home valuers who are certified and experienced. Feel free to contact us for the best home valuations services.

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Tips for a landlord: Do’s and Don’ts to know while putting your property on rent

Making a single decision related to real estate is a typical one. And the condition becomes worse when you are new and naive to the industry. Well, there is no thumb rule what you should do and what you should avoid. As it depends upon person, choices, financial condition and lot more things. So here in this blog post, we are revealing the tips for landlord should keep in mind while putting out the property on the rent. Though residential property valuers will serve as a boon and a guide when you want to know the rental value of your home. It’s good to know the rental value of your property before keeping it on the market for rental purpose. So here are the tips for landlords to keep their property rightly on rent.

Ability to play the landlord’s character rightly – Being a landlord you sometimes have to be very strict and sometimes you should behave friendly with the tenants this balancing is a must and vital. You should make a balance you can’t be too harsh and you can’t be too lenient you should keep a balance to become a good landlord. At the time of late payments and if you found they aren’t keeping the property well then you should warn them and take strict actions in order to keep them in the discipline.

Finding a good tenant – It is advisable to give your home in the right hands a single wrong tenant may harm your property and you both (mentally). You should check the tenants background, financial condition, source of income, know the members of the family before giving your property to the tenants. It is necessary to give your property to the right tenants – who pays rent on time and maintains the property properly. Otherwise, it takes months to get somebody out from your property.

Make good terms with property neighbours – It is vital when you do not reside very close or in that home where your tenants live you should maintain good terms with your neighbour to know the insight story of the tenants. You should introduce your self with the neighbours and ask them to inform if they found any suspicious activity around or in the home. This will help you to stay informed and updated.

Brisbane Property Valuers – Before putting the property on rent you should know the right rental value of the property. You can hire residential property valuer for the residential property valuation services and thus you can know the rental value of the property as per the current market conditions and local trends. They are the professionals, they know well about the trend and the buyer’s ability. As putting right asking value also matters a lot. A higher price may take away your prospective tenants from you and lower rent value may put a harm in your profit margins. So you have to make a balance between this.

These are the tips for the landlord to keep in mind while putting their property on rent. You can contact us for the best residential property valuation services. We have a team of expert residential property valuers.

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Become the best landlord: Tips to keep your tenants happy

Tenant and renters relationship is based on commitment. Once you are in there is no way to go out until the bond exhaust. Well, in worst condition with the mutual agreement you can break the agreement. Rental property is a good way to earn monthly fixed income which helps a landlord to manage funds properly. For this, being a landlord you need a good tenant for your investment property who pays rent on time, never makes any harm to the property, and follow the rules of the society. It is hard to find the good tenants – those who pay rent on time, complaint less, and stays for a long time. But to get good tenants you have to become a good landlord first. Well, if you are confused about the rental value of your home then you can contact residential property valuer. They will determine the home value easily.

Here are the tips which you should follow to keep your tenants happy –

Build and maintain the relationship – Be nice to them. What if they are your tenants. Some people behave badly with the tenants that not works at all. You should not do that way. You should act gently and in a polite manner.

Inform them – As they are new to the area and your property. You should explain the rules and regulations of the society, community or place. Better to inform them before finalising the things. It’s not good to hide the rules and tell them later. To create a bond between you and your tenants it’s a good way to communicate the things fairly.

Be quick to solve their complaints – Give a property to the tenants where they would love to live. Clean, freshly painted, and properly constructed home with the sufficient air and light makes the property a nice place to live. Look every property demands repairs. If your tenants make any complaint check it and get it done as soon as possible thus it makes you a good landlord. Always remember your quick response over to their complaint and major steps taken to solve tenant’s problem makes them happy.

Send them reminders – Well, you can send a message to the tenants regarding the rent. So this can save your tenants from giving the late fees. It is good for you (being a landlord) and for tenant both.

Stay connected with them – The effective communication tightens the bond between the two. Tell them about your convenience hours when you can listen to their issues. Try to respond to the tenants as soon as possible connect to them via email, messages and phone. If you are not in town better to inform them. Thus tenants won’t get any trouble in connecting with you. This makes tenants happy.

Be prepared for unexpected – Being an owner you should be prepared for the unexpected. If by mistake the tenants hurt the property then you know the procedure tenant needs to follow. You should add the clauses in the agreement regarding the damage made by the tenants to the home. Thus it keeps tenant and landlord clear.

These are the tips to become a good landlord and helps you to keep your tenants happy. You can even hire a good residential property valuer for the residential property valuation services.

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While downsizing avoid these few pitfalls

Downsizing is a big decision as you are moving from your own big home to a small one. You not only shifting your belongings to a new home but also your emotions which is a tough task. Your reason for downsizing can be many – you want to relocate, to cut your expenses, your children have left the home and you feel your home is too big now, you can’t afford the maintenance of big home thus you come at the decision of downsizing. To sell the old and to buy the new one you must know the value of the homes for which you can hire a home valuer to know the exact market values of the home.

But its not that easy first, you have to find a suitable home in the location where you can live comfortably and then you have to make some financial calculations where a new home is capable enough to fulfill your purpose of downsizing or not. So here we have listed down the mistakes one should not make while opting the downsizing as an option.

1. Be clear and calculative – People usually have an idea that small home means small expenses. But sometimes we fail to calculate the expenses that small home brings which leads to hurt our expectations. It’s right homeowners can save on utility bills if they own a small home but people forget to calculate the other expenses like taxation property valuation, the maintenance cost of new home etc. It’s advisable to calculate the expenses accurately so you can plan your finance well.

2. Cancel your old services – As you are moving to a new home remember to disconnect your services like utilities, phone lines, internet, property tax, and all facilities. Otherwise, you have to pay the bills even later which you haven’t used. So to keep your budget in balance make sure to redirect or disconnect the services or utilities you were availing.

3. Buy prudently – It’s good to be organized but it’s not appreciable to buy the unnecessary product or things for storage or for a new home in the mood of excitement.
It very crucial to buy the new storage containers and furniture of your new home with accurate dimension otherwise it will be of no use and don’t forget you are moving to a small home so keep those belonging only which are necessary and vital. It’s very important to declutter the things which are of no use. Know the right measurement of your new home before buying new furniture and containers.

4. Start your preparation – It’s not last minute preparation can help you to move your home. Don’t forget you are shifting in a small size home you can’t keep your all belongings there as the way you keep in your current home. So it’s advisable if you have finalized your decision of doing so try to start your preparation before a month so you can remove the things which are no use and thus you can carry the right belongings with you. You can prepare moving-house checklist to make yourself organized.

5. Be happy – We know it’s tough to leave a home where you had created so many cherishable memories. Remember you have a purpose to leave this home. So try to make your mind and get excited about the new home. While packing the things and belongings try to keep your emotions aside otherwise you can’t be able to pack your things on time. Chuck out the things that are of no use. Don’t clutter the waste. Recall, your new home is a small one.

These are the sure-shot tips to remember while downsizing your home. You can take suggestions from the home valuer regarding the property related decisions or for home valuation services.

Feel free to contact us for the best home valuation services. We have a team of expert home valuers who can find the right value of a home.

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Know how Queensland’s Brisbane property market is ahead

In Australia where the property prices are falling everywhere, only a few cities are showing the positive sides and ray of hope Brisbane of one of them. The investors keep asking – Is it the right time to invest in the Brisbane property market?

Cause investors can sense the opportunities the Brisbane property market is holding all they need is the confirmation from the home valuers or experts. As the real estate properties in Brisbane are more affordable, with higher rental yields and on predicting the future of the market looks bright.

Yes, It’s right the Brisbane property market is performing at its best and estimated it will continue to the next few years. Some areas of Brisbane showing the strong potential growth where the selection of right property in these areas can give long-term advantages. Still, there are some submarkets in Brisbane where investment in not advisable by the property valuers Brisbane experts.

Brisbane  real estate property market prices –
In reality, housing values of the Brisbane property market remained unchanged with 0.1 percent growth over the past three months. But it’s not like all Brisbane properties are performing well some areas are overperforming while others are underperforming.

Due to an immoderate supply of real estate properties and apartments in Brisbane, the property market of the Queensland’s city was getting negative attention. However, condition changes and Brisbane unit values are now going higher.

Brisbane’s average rental yield –
The rental yields are increasing yet slowly in Queensland this is making investors happy. According to the report, the Brisbane units price was rental yield was closer to 5 percent and houses gross rental yield was noted 4 percent.

Brisbane’s average Capital growth –
On comparing the other 2 east coast capital cities Brisbane property prices are found more affordable. According to the expert’s prediction out of ten one house in Brisbane will get more than Million dollar in 2 years.

The Brisbane property market drivers are now strengthening the city housing market is likely to record positive growth in the order of 3 percent to 5 percent.

When many other markets are languishing the Brisbane’s property market to continue to perform well at a time. As the affordability rate of the median house in Queensland’s Brisbane is far lower than Sydney and Melbourne. Even Brisbane houses are giving high rental returns which are influencing the interstate buyers to make an investment in Brisbane properties. Along with this the rise in the interest from foreign investors.

According to the report, the migrants from overseas are showing their interest and settling in Queensland. Good Infrastructure also helps to pull the home buyers towards it.

Developed infrastructure means new job opportunities and an improved economy. The million dollar working projects in Brisbane are the signs of the development and indication towards housing market is working well. As the infrastructure is driving factor for real estate property market that should be considered.

Hire the home valuer Brisbane for best property related suggestions and Brisbane home valuation services. Feel free to contact us.

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Why it is imperative to hire a property valuer for House valuation

Home is the place where we can be ourselves, where we can spend our relax time, enjoy with our dear ones. Home holds a special place and something very close to our heart. When it comes to finding the value of our home, no one wants to take it for granted. As property valuation process not only aids to know the selling price of the property but also it helps to calculate the property tax, insurance premiums, home loan amount, to settle the property dispute and more.

When the property value is so crucial, it becomes vital to choose the approach (to find the property value) which is authentic and reliable. In the world of real estate property, those who are the investors and make frequent transactions of the property also prefer to choose property valuers Brisbane for valuation over the online property valuation tool and DIY (do it yourself) methods.

Because the results estimated by the online tool and with the self-doing methods are not exact. And obviously, if you are planning to sell your home then surely you want the best price of it.

Online property valuation tool –
Online valuation tool can be used when you have a general house with other special feature like swimming pool, terrace garden, pergolas, open living area, online property valuation tools are of no use. For these kinds of houses, you need the property valuer to inspect and calculate to evaluate the property value, this is the more righteous way to find the property value.

Real estate agents for valuation –
Real estate agents are the amateur they have an idea about the property sales value but they are not the experts or qualified professionals thus they can roughly predict the property value which can’t and shouldn’t be used to make the property transactions. Thus property valuer’s valuations become need. As they provide the valuation report which is more authentic and reliable.

Property valuation by qualified property valuer –
Real estate house valuers are qualified professional they inspect the house well, gather the data (facilities associated, special features and drawbacks of the house) and find the comparable, then make some analytical calculations to find the right value of the house.

They provide the property valuation report which is considered as an authentic and reliable and can be used as proof to solve the legal matters as the report prepared by the valuer contains all the information related to the property, comparable used and calculations made.

Impact of local market condition on property value –
Remember the property value is dynamic in nature, it depends upon the factors like market condition, economic stability, supply-demand ratio. The property value that is estimated by the valuer is considered till three to six months in the normal market condition but if market condition changes then the property value changes too.

The values provided by the valuer on the annual and quarterly basis one should not rely completely on it. As property value changes, which even fails the expert valuers predictions.

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The story of unoccupied homes in Australia

In Australia, the rate of vacant homes is rising fastly. It is found that on the census night the 11.2 percent of homes were unoccupied. These numbers are around 2,00,000 which was significantly very high.

Property valuer says – “There are more than millions of extra homes with more number of spare bedrooms, in the market.” It has been observed the gross under occupancy rate in Australia. Also, the number of increase in underutilized properties grew by more than 2,00,00 in the past six years. Property valuers  Brisbane and experts in Australia are realizing that property housing market is not working well. It is creating a problem for the people with low income. People are finding houses are overvalued, thus they aren’t able to afford the houses in Australia.

As per the report, the 11.2 percent of the properties are unoccupied. This is one in ten new dwellings is found vacant. In the last two decades, it is found that Australia has 3,00,000 vacant homes. The reason is young Australians aren’t interested in buying homes that they are finding rental homes are much better for them, or else they are living at their parents home. People are liking to live in multi-generational homes, that is younger children with parents and their kids. So the homeownership is falling in Australia and noted 6 percent fall in the last decade only. The reason behind this thinking could be affordability, high dwelling prices, high-interest rates, tighten mortgage procedures and many more.

According to the report in the last five years the Sydney dwelling values raised by 70 percent.

This tends to have 15 percent of the houses are empty in the capital city of Australia, Sydney.

As per the report it is found that – In the month of July up to 5,25,000 of the vacant home found at the time of the census. It has been observed that the inner suburbs of Sydney have a slightly higher rate of around 9.5%, while the north and south-west growth areas tend to have slightly lower rates of vacant homes. Investors leaving properties vacant just for capital gains in regional areas. The Melbourne inner suburbs also had a higher percentage of unoccupied dwellings at 11.1 percent.

It has been observed that foreigners are purchasing the property in Australia and leaving them vacant, Which is increasing the number of vacant properties. Government is implementing a vacant property tax for foreigners to deter this kind of activities. Higher numbers of vacant homes indicate the notion that some people purchased some properties without an intention to keep them on rent. This is also increasing the number of vacant properties in Australia.

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Why do house valuations vary and which factors affects the property prices?

Property valuation is the definite economic value of the property that is determined by the qualified property valuer, it is the dynamic value that changes frequently. The real estate investors know the importance of having the correct valuation. As it saves you from making wrong financial decision. The property valuation act as a guide to make the correct decisions in the real estate world.

There is a difference in property value and property price. Property value is something that is estimated by the property valuer by gathering information related to the property, doing some calculations, previous sales history, and keeping all the influencing factors into consideration, the property valuation Brisbane determines the value of the property.

Whereas the price of the property depends on – the cost at which buyer is willing to pay for and the seller is ready to sell the property is called as property price.

It is not necessary that property value will be equal to property price. Here are the factors that affects the real estate property prices –

Property’s Location – Where it is located? near Airport, Bus and train station, near school, near office. These are the questions (basically requirements of buyer) before buying the house or property. For example – The family is looking for a house which is near to their office location, because they are now sick of travelling and city’s traffic. So they want a house near to their office which makes commuting easy for them.

In this case, they will agree to pay some higher price for the house near to their office location because this is something, they are looking for. Thus seller can take advantage and may sell the property at high price.

In other case, the property’s location is not easily reachable. Then the prices will go down automatically.

Property condition – Property which is well furnished cost high than the one which demands renovation. People are less interested to buy a place which requires renovation. The house with well updated kitchen and bathrooms is more liked by the buyer because the large sum of money needed to renovate these two places. What’s the actual condition of your property impacts the price of the house directly.

Comparable prices – Yes, this you cannot have control over but you can’t ignore it too. The residential property valuers and real estate agents took this into consideration while evaluating the property’s value. The most common method used to evaluate the property’s value is Sales comparison method, In this expert property valuers look at the selling price of those properties which are similar to your subject property. The comparables that are sold out at less price due to any reason puts wrong impression, while calculating your house price.

Impact of Valuation figures – It is the formal way of valuing the property. If the property value is less and seller is demanding higher price than property value than buyer is least interested in buyer such property. The price of the property is affected by property value.

Overall Economy of the country, market conditions, and interest rates are the major factors behind the property price. The prices and value of the property are dynamic and cyclical in nature and majorly it is depends on uncontrollable factors.That’s the reason they varies so much.

The valuers assure, (If there will be no change in market conditions) then this valuation figure will be valid till three months, after the valuation. It is good to have your property valuation after every six months.

Planning to hire a property valuer? We will be happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us, if you need any property valuation services.

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How to find my property’s value?

Well, if you‘re not aware with the term “property worth” or “property value”. Then, please take a pause and let us explain to you the meaning of property value.

Property value is related to the worth of the piece of real estate (the property) based on the price that buyer is ready to pay or in other words the property value is the price buyer gives you to buy your property.

And if you’re eager to know the fair market value of your property (either for any purpose) or looking for property valuer then you are at the right place. The Property valuer Brisbane don’t use tough algorithms and tedious methods for property valuation. The company has a team of experienced property valuers with local market knowledge which is enough to determine the right value of your property value in Brisbane.

Flux in market brings constant changes in the value of the property, As property’s value is directly proportional to market condition. Though many other reasons are also there to consider while evaluating the property’s value. The more important is to hire a property valuer Brisbane company professionals and know the accurate value of your property.

The professionals at Brisbane Property Valuers have undergone through the rigorous training and work experience, they know all about the local area and it’s factors which helps a client to get the best deal as they are best in carrying out property valuation.

Brisbane Property Valuers is the best property valuer Brisbane, know why  –

  1. They have a team of potent and skilled valuers.
  2. Keeps result confidential.
  3. Offers pocket-friendly services.
  4. Accurate evaluation of the properties.
  5. Gives complete all rounded summary report.

Property valuation Brisbane provides the property value which covers legal point, economical point and structural point of view. Whether you want Brisbane property valuation for anything like –

  1. Property settlement valuation
  2. Rental valuations
  3. Pre purchase valuation
  4. Pre sale valuation
  5. Mortgage security valuations
  6. Industrial property valuations
  7. Compensation valuation
  8. Internal accounting valuation
  9. Property settlement valuations
  10. Asset register valuations.

You can easily get in touch with Brisbane Property Valuers experts to get the quick, real-time, reliable services at your doorstep.

Apart from this, you can determine the property value through –

  1. You can use online valuation tools.
  2. Know via competitive market analysis.
  3. You can use a home price index calculator.
  4. Hire a professional appraiser.
  5. Comparative market analysis.
  6. AVM’s – Automated Valuation Models and more.

But the best that we would recommend you to go for is contact Brisbane Property Valuers experts for property valuation in Brisbane. The company works as a valuation consultant, who is known as reputed property valuer in Brisbane.

They provide accurate results report with honesty to clients at competitive prices and offer a wide range of services too.

Don’t forget property valuation is a tough task in its own and filled with uncertainties and dynamic in nature too. So it’s better to hire the professional valuer rather than doing it yourself. Otherwise, it may leads to create a dent in your profit.

Whether you have any kind of property valuation query like residential property valuation, commercial or industrial valuation, building insurance assessment, property valuation Brisbane experts are always there to help you out.

Brisbane property valuation experts are always there to help you out.

For more details or any other query, contact best property valuers in Brisbane at (07) 3123 7147.