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Qualities that must be present in the tenant

Putting out your investment property on rent is tough decision because bad tenants can put harm to the rental property which in future turn out as a big expense. Repairing, renovating the rental property once the tenants left the property becomes an unwanted expenditure for you. Better to choose right tenants who keeps your property well up-to-date and in order. Those who pays rent on time and loves cleanliness. This can save you from unnecessary expenditures.

To decide the right rental price of the property and to know the actual market value of the property contact Brisbane Property Valuers. They will guide you well related to the property matters and saves you from future expenses.

Here in this post we are sharing the tips how to select the best tenant. So we have created a list of qualities a tenant should possess.

Good credit score and income – Investor or homeowner puts the property on rent to earn good monthly rental income what if tenant doesn’t pay rent on time? Definitely it becomes a thorn in the flesh for the owner. Choose the one with good credit score. For reference check the previous records of the tenants. Their history can predict the future. Also you can ask the tenant about their job, profile, working experience and income just to know their financial capability. Will they be able to pay the rents on time?

You can ask them for salary slips and good tenants won’t hesitate to share those details. Make sure the income should be three times the rent of the property. Then only renter can easily pay the monthly rent on time.

Stable – Good tenants are stable and love to have steady life. Stability indicates the reliability factor of the tenant. Stable tenants pay rent on time and stays for a long time in the same property. You can check their previous records of job and rental history. This would help you to know well about the tenants before choosing them. If you found they frequently switch from one property to another than they are not the right tenant for your property. Because choosing the renters who shifts the property fastly creates the trouble for the owner to find the new tenant every time and it requires time, energy and resources. Better to choose the one with longer stability.

Honesty and cleanliness – You may have heard -”Honesty is the best policy”. Yes, it should be in your tenant. Check their honesty by asking them some questions related to their job, previous landlords and try to investigate. If you find them honest them you should allow them in your property otherwise not.

Also, you should visit the place where they are living currently(if possible) just to know how they keep the rental property. It is important to choose the renter who keeps the property clean, neat and tidy. Otherwise in future being an owner you would have to face so much property related issues cause of a bad tenant.

Make sure your tenants should hold these qualities. Even you should hire a Brisbane property Valuations to know the rental value of the property. For best property valuation services contact us.

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The time when you actually need a professional property management company

People choose real estate property business to go quick rich. Investing money in real estate can only be profitable when it is done correctly and accurately. For this, you have to invest your time, money and efforts to get the right output. In this fast-paced world, it becomes tough for people to find time for other businesses like real estate, if they are into a 9 to 5 job. For those, it is advisable to hire a property valuation Brisbane company to evaluate the property price and to manage the property investment business respectively.

Here we are revealing when it is actually becoming essential to hire a professional property management company –

When you are new and naive – Many beginners in real estate property business won’t prefer to avail the property management company because they consider it as an extra expense instead of seeing its benefits. The beginners should hire real estate property management companies to get the knowledge and to learn how to manage the real estate investment properties. As for new investors, it becomes tough to understand the property world accurately at initial stages. The mistakes committed in the property world are very expensive so it is good to hire a property management company to manage the task.

When investment property is located in another state – It is not necessary that you get the profitable deals in your state only. To become a successful property investor you have to take a risk and invest where it will give you profits. So when you invest in out of state properties it becomes difficult to manage the property well. Better to hire a local property management company to take care of your investment property. To find the good tenant, to make the repairs, to collect the rent on time more and all task will come under property management company.

When investing in real estate is your part-time job – When you are doing real estate investment as part-time and you are already occupied with you 9 to 5 job then you should hire a property management company to look after your investment properties. Because it is essential to do this. Investment properties need time, money and attention. You can’t do it after your office hours. To avoid problems and hassles in your investment business hire professional property management company.

When investing in various properties – To manage a single investment property, it can be possible by the property investor but when it comes to managing multiple properties then it becomes a tedious task. Hiring the real estate property management company is a good idea. They are the experts and know how to manage multiple properties better.

These are the situations when you must hire a professional property management company. To make your investment business hassle-free one should hire the professional like property agent, property valuers Brisbane, lawyer, financer to manage the things more accurately and more precisely.

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How to save bucks while flipping the house

Moolah. A driving force behind our hard work. But do you know? Earning money is not only important, saving money is as equal to earning it. You choose the fix and flip strategy to make more money. For this, being an investor – you try to quickly flip the property and then sell it out. You set your deadline and try hard to get your renovation work gets completed on time. But this fast process may sometimes end with the improper renovation which eventually creates a problem in finding the potential buyers. As your renovated work is not up to the mark. Thus here we are revealing some other tips and tricks to save your money on house flipping. Even you can take advice from Brisbane property valuation to save few bucks while flipping the house.

1. Stay ahead of time – Once you get the property for flipping, buy it immediately and call your contractor and home inspector for the next step. Inspector will look the property corner and places which demands renovation and contractor will plan out the renovation task – how much time will be needed to renovate this property? expenses? And thus you can chalk out the renovations to execute it well.

How this will help – Planning is the essential essence of any task. Once you know the renovation time and budget then you are free. You only have to check the things are in the right order or not. You have to alert the contractor about the time. Continuous follow-up will help you to achieve your set timeline and always remember while flipping – “time is money”.

2. Buy material by your own – It is advisable to buy the flipping material from the local shop rather than buying it from the branded shop. Also if your contractor brings the goods for you then from now onwards should go to the market to buy a good renovation material at less price. If you have various flipping properties then try to bring the material in bulk.

How this will help – Buying products from any local shop helps you to get the material at a cheaper price. Second, when contractors buy then they include the labour and delivery charges if you choose to buy the material on your own then you can save these extra expenses. Buying material yourself cost you less.

3. Negotiate well – Before hiring the contractor and inspector you can ask them about their fees and negotiate to save few bucks. To shop the material you can search many shops available in the traditional market and online market both. Compare the rates and then ask for the offers they have to grant you.

How this will help – This process will help you to get the material at reasonable prices. Negotiation is a must. But never compromise on the quality of the material. Also, while flipping a home choose average quality material neither too good nor too high.

Also for more tips, you can contact Brisbane property valuations to get the information. We have a team of experts.

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Creative ideas for making your real estate investment easier and profitable

Real estate investment brings lots of hope for investors with the aim to earn money. But do you really think – Real estate investment traditional ways can help you in earning lots of money? No, the biggest reason behind not following the traditional methods is it takes too much time and possesses long-term plans and policies. To get the instant profit and to generate quick revenues. One has to imply the creative ways of real estate investment.

Well, you must be wondering if you are naive to the real estate property investment. You can hire a residential property valuer to guide you while making the investment decisions. Here we are revealing the creative tips for real estate investors for making more money in the business of property investment with fewer efforts.

House flipping – The smartest way to make an investment in the real estate industry is via house fixing and flipping. First, you have to buy an investment property of lower market value and then repair it, improve it and then sell it to the home buyer who is searching for a sweet home. You can sell the house to the buyer at more price than what you have actually paid. Making amendments increases the value of the house to a large extent. You can even hire a residential property value to guide you which improvements give high returns on investment.

Live and keep it on rent too – This is also an impressive way to earn money. While living in the property you can put the extra rooms and space on rent. This helps you to earn money. If you have purchased a property for yourself then pay your home loan instalments by putting the extra floor, rooms, space whatever you have, you can keep it on rent. This helps you to earn good rental amount and which helps you to pay off your monthly home loan instalments.
Also, if you are earning more rental income then home loan instalment then you can save that extra money and later you can use for home maintenance. Thus by the end of some years, you will have your own home without paying much from the pocket. As you were utilising the rental amount in paying the home loan.

Provides a replacement for tourist – Giving a chance to tourist, and visitors to live in your town like a local home is another creative way of property investment. Yes. Like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Homestay, Vacasa, Aura rentals services you can put your property on rent for short term. It’s putting your property on rent for visitors and tourist. Thus you can earn good amount of money from your extra space that you have. Even you can buy an apartment or you can convert your home’s extra space into the profitable business area. All you have to list your space or property for rent on these sites Airbnb, TripAdvisor or any on which you rely and start earning money while living at home.

To get more creative ideas, contact our property valuers Brisbane. They are expert, certified and qualified. Feel free to contact us for best residential property valuation services.