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Highly necessary to avoid these mistakes while buying your first home

Buying the first home is one of the biggest dreams come true. Buying home is a tough task in itself as in both the cases when we have abundant of choice and when we haven’t. So mistakes in such cases are quite normal when you are buying the home for the first time. Here in this blog post, we are explaining the mistakes which one should not make while buying the home and providing the solutions too

1. Buying home emotionally – Home buying brings a kind of excitement in us which leads to having home buying emotionally. Ideally while buying a home one should buy home rationally rather than emotionally. It’s imperative to understand that buying your first home is not the end it is the beginning. It is your first step in the real estate property world. You should buy a property which gets the capital gains.

Buy a property which gives you good returns on investment in the future. A home with a great location is a good option for first home buyers. The value of those properties raises by the time. Sometimes buyers overpay in order to buy the property which is not right. It’s good to hire a home valuer who evaluates the actual market value of the property thus it prevents the buyer from overpaying.

2. Disregarding the other costs – Being a first home buyer most people aren’t aware of the other costs associated with the home buying process apart from purchasing cost. The stamp duty cost, property insurance, property tax, and other legal costs which includes transferring of the ownership and all. The cost of moving goods to a new home and other. Likewise, there are so many costs an owner has to pay while and after buying the home.
Most of the people haven’t included these cost in their budget which leads to breaking their banks. Better to understand and calculate every expenditure and make your budget so you can manage your finance well.

3. Failing to plan the financials rightly – There is a difference in between the two – what you have expected to get as a loan amount from bank and what the bank is really ready to give you. This difference can fail your financial planning to a large extent. So better to plan your finance on the real grounds. The pre-approved loan amount can help you to plan and manage your funds appropriately.

4. No hiring the professionals – This is the biggest mistake that most of the first home buyers do. Not hiring the home valuer, real estate agent and considering paying their fees is an expenditure. Brisbane Property Valuers helps you to know the actual market value of the property they are the property market experts knows all ins and outs of the real estate property world. So better to hire the home valuer. It is an investment in order to make the right property buying decision which is very crucial for you.

These are the mistakes which one should not make while buying the first home. You can contact us for the best home valuation services our expert home valuers feel happy to assist you.

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While downsizing avoid these few pitfalls

Downsizing is a big decision as you are moving from your own big home to a small one. You not only shifting your belongings to a new home but also your emotions which is a tough task. Your reason for downsizing can be many – you want to relocate, to cut your expenses, your children have left the home and you feel your home is too big now, you can’t afford the maintenance of big home thus you come at the decision of downsizing. To sell the old and to buy the new one you must know the value of the homes for which you can hire a home valuer to know the exact market values of the home.

But its not that easy first, you have to find a suitable home in the location where you can live comfortably and then you have to make some financial calculations where a new home is capable enough to fulfill your purpose of downsizing or not. So here we have listed down the mistakes one should not make while opting the downsizing as an option.

1. Be clear and calculative – People usually have an idea that small home means small expenses. But sometimes we fail to calculate the expenses that small home brings which leads to hurt our expectations. It’s right homeowners can save on utility bills if they own a small home but people forget to calculate the other expenses like taxation property valuation, the maintenance cost of new home etc. It’s advisable to calculate the expenses accurately so you can plan your finance well.

2. Cancel your old services – As you are moving to a new home remember to disconnect your services like utilities, phone lines, internet, property tax, and all facilities. Otherwise, you have to pay the bills even later which you haven’t used. So to keep your budget in balance make sure to redirect or disconnect the services or utilities you were availing.

3. Buy prudently – It’s good to be organized but it’s not appreciable to buy the unnecessary product or things for storage or for a new home in the mood of excitement.
It very crucial to buy the new storage containers and furniture of your new home with accurate dimension otherwise it will be of no use and don’t forget you are moving to a small home so keep those belonging only which are necessary and vital. It’s very important to declutter the things which are of no use. Know the right measurement of your new home before buying new furniture and containers.

4. Start your preparation – It’s not last minute preparation can help you to move your home. Don’t forget you are shifting in a small size home you can’t keep your all belongings there as the way you keep in your current home. So it’s advisable if you have finalized your decision of doing so try to start your preparation before a month so you can remove the things which are no use and thus you can carry the right belongings with you. You can prepare moving-house checklist to make yourself organized.

5. Be happy – We know it’s tough to leave a home where you had created so many cherishable memories. Remember you have a purpose to leave this home. So try to make your mind and get excited about the new home. While packing the things and belongings try to keep your emotions aside otherwise you can’t be able to pack your things on time. Chuck out the things that are of no use. Don’t clutter the waste. Recall, your new home is a small one.

These are the sure-shot tips to remember while downsizing your home. You can take suggestions from the home valuer regarding the property related decisions or for home valuation services.

Feel free to contact us for the best home valuation services. We have a team of expert home valuers who can find the right value of a home.

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Know how Queensland’s Brisbane property market is ahead

In Australia where the property prices are falling everywhere, only a few cities are showing the positive sides and ray of hope Brisbane of one of them. The investors keep asking – Is it the right time to invest in the Brisbane property market?

Cause investors can sense the opportunities the Brisbane property market is holding all they need is the confirmation from the home valuers or experts. As the real estate properties in Brisbane are more affordable, with higher rental yields and on predicting the future of the market looks bright.

Yes, It’s right the Brisbane property market is performing at its best and estimated it will continue to the next few years. Some areas of Brisbane showing the strong potential growth where the selection of right property in these areas can give long-term advantages. Still, there are some submarkets in Brisbane where investment in not advisable by the property valuers Brisbane experts.

Brisbane  real estate property market prices –
In reality, housing values of the Brisbane property market remained unchanged with 0.1 percent growth over the past three months. But it’s not like all Brisbane properties are performing well some areas are overperforming while others are underperforming.

Due to an immoderate supply of real estate properties and apartments in Brisbane, the property market of the Queensland’s city was getting negative attention. However, condition changes and Brisbane unit values are now going higher.

Brisbane’s average rental yield –
The rental yields are increasing yet slowly in Queensland this is making investors happy. According to the report, the Brisbane units price was rental yield was closer to 5 percent and houses gross rental yield was noted 4 percent.

Brisbane’s average Capital growth –
On comparing the other 2 east coast capital cities Brisbane property prices are found more affordable. According to the expert’s prediction out of ten one house in Brisbane will get more than Million dollar in 2 years.

The Brisbane property market drivers are now strengthening the city housing market is likely to record positive growth in the order of 3 percent to 5 percent.

When many other markets are languishing the Brisbane’s property market to continue to perform well at a time. As the affordability rate of the median house in Queensland’s Brisbane is far lower than Sydney and Melbourne. Even Brisbane houses are giving high rental returns which are influencing the interstate buyers to make an investment in Brisbane properties. Along with this the rise in the interest from foreign investors.

According to the report, the migrants from overseas are showing their interest and settling in Queensland. Good Infrastructure also helps to pull the home buyers towards it.

Developed infrastructure means new job opportunities and an improved economy. The million dollar working projects in Brisbane are the signs of the development and indication towards housing market is working well. As the infrastructure is driving factor for real estate property market that should be considered.

Hire the home valuer Brisbane for best property related suggestions and Brisbane home valuation services. Feel free to contact us.

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Know which room convinces buyer the most

Buying a home is a tough job. Select a home which matches to your dream home completely is tougher and it becomes hard to find such a home. So people end up with having their favorite room in the home like their dream home.

Experienced Property valuer says – “People usually tend to move towards a single room or place at home which makes them fall in love and thus they finalize the home.” The important point is which room entice people more and convince enough to buy it. So if you are planning to sell your home or keep it on rental basis then you must know which room is most liked and preferred by the potential buyers in order to convert them.

The Kitchen is the King place of a home – Kitchen the commonplace at home where family and friend can eat together and spend some time together. Open modular kitchens where dining area clubbed with it makes the perfect place for every home. People can sit, cook, eat and talk together. The kitchen is considered as the most expensive room of the house in sense to decorate and renovate thus people more tend towards having such kind of kitchen which is well equipped with good quality appliances.

According to the Brisbane property valuation – “When buying a home, buyer will look at the kitchen size, with star rated electric appliances, countertops with granite are enough to grab the potential buyer’s attention. People usually take kitchen as a place for the social hub at home.”

The Kitchen is on the first priority for home buyers while buying a home or finalizing a rental home.

Hall – You can name it hallway, drawing room, common area. It is the first place buyer would see while entering into the internal zone of your home. It should be spacious and organized. Declutter the waste from the living room and paint with light color. Property valuer says – “Usually Buyer looks for a home with designer living cum drawing room which should be spacious with sufficient natural light and air.”
On the day of house inspection (by buyers) owner can enlighten the scented candles and air fresheners which gives them a sense of a place which is good for them. Ideally, this is a commonplace of gathering. It is a place to welcome guest so people want to have an attractive hall and where they can relax and even put a plant inside the living room corner.

Room – A room with a gallery or balcony where people can sit and take an advantage of the fresh area with a great view, a bathroom attached to a room which makes it complete also convince buyers to buy a home. The room is the place where a person used to relax and sleep. Make sure it should be painted with light colors and less furniture. More furniture makes it compact. People usually check the room is getting sufficient sunlight and air or not.

These are rooms with their special feature convince the buyers to buy the home. If you still confused which room you should renovate or improve first to sell your home fast you can contact property valuer Brisbane for the best suggestions.

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