Stamp Duty Valuations

Transfer of property from one entity to another is not about transfer of ownership and payment of consideration for the entire deal. There are some legal and statutory requirements that also need to be followed. For example, whenever a transfer of property or asset takes place stamp duty has to be paid for it.

It is in this situation that we could play a big and proactive role. We are from Brisbane and we are counted amongst the topmost valuers in this city and also perhaps in the whole of Western Australia.

Hence whenever there is a need to pay stamp duty, there also is a need for valuation of the property. Based on such valuation, the stamp duty payable is calculated.

  • We help the government authorities in coming out with the right valuation for such properties, the ownership of which is being transferred from one entity to another.
  • The valuation has to be done only by government registered valuers and we are one of the oldest valuers in Brisbane having government recognition.
  • The fact that we are in this business for so many years gives a sense of comfort to the Brisbane Tax Revenue officials. Our valuation reports certainly are considered very true and factual.
  • We employ the best possible methods for valuation of the properties and put in the most experienced professionals on the job,
  • There are many situations where even without financial or monetary consideration the ownership could change. Here too valuations are required and we are there to serve the buyer, seller and the government authorities.
  • Since the time we have been in the job of valuation for stamp duty purposes, there have been hardly any instances where things have gone wrong.

While all the above proves beyond doubt our testimonials, the best way to find more about us is to use our services at least once.

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